Grocery Store as Personal Dignity

Brahm Ahmadi, 11/23/2016 18:37:29

Buying food can be empowering. But, when individuals lack privilege or choice, that same act can become a source of indignity. …

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Help Secure a $40,000 Match to Maximize our Mission

Brahm Ahmadi, 11/20/2016 14:40:14

An Oakland nonprofit and a local investor have pooled a $40,000 match if we raise $40,000 from supporters by Friday, December 2. This is the final end-of-the-year push to reach our $2M goal. …

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PCM & EBALDC awarded $750k grant

Brahm Ahmadi, 09/27/2016 16:21:29


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Grocery Store as Cultural Center

Brahm Ahmadi, 09/15/2016 17:14:27

Community markets can play an important role in preserving cultural food traditions. They can reintroduce and reconnect people to their familial and cultural food heritages. And they can help reinvigorate a passion for and practice of the diverse food ways of a community. …

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Grocery Store as Economic Elevation

Brahm Ahmadi, 07/27/2016 17:21:06

West oakland placement map+smallWest Oakland is challenged by a host of economic problems stemming from income inequality and a lack of employment opportunities. With an unemployment rate of 13% and 40% of residents earning below the federal poverty level, West Oakland residents are in need of employment opportunities that truly elevate their economic standing, help them attain self-sufficiency and enhance their quality of life. …

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Stock Purchase Assistance Program

Brahm Ahmadi, 07/22/2016 19:06:54

West Oakland residents can now receive financial assistance in purchasing stock in our community market. …

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Grocery Store as Social Space

Brahm Ahmadi, 06/24/2016 15:19:47

Floor_Plan_6_13_16_pdfPeople in West Oakland want social and cultural experiences in their own community that provide recreation and connection to their neighbors. They want a family-friendly and culturally inclusive setting that offer a safe and welcoming atmosphere to gather and socialize. And they’re hungry for enjoyable dining experiences that don’t require a lot of travel, money or fanfare. …

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Grocery Store as Neighborhood Anchor

Brahm Ahmadi, 06/02/2016 20:08:21

2016-0422 - PCM Service Maps v2 FINAL-01

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Help Us Secure a $50,000 Matching Investment

Brahm Ahmadi, 05/23/2016 16:30:16

A foundation based in the San Francisco Bay Area is offering to invest $50,000 in our social enterprise if we can raise an additional $50,000 in investments by Monday, June 6. …

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Grocery Store as Social Enterprise

Brahm Ahmadi, 05/18/2016 23:41:04

The dominant belief that maximizing profits is the primary purpose of business has caused food retailers to leave communities in which they don’t think profits can be maximized. The result is that over 23 million Americans don’t have access to the choices and services offered by grocery stores. …

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