June 18 Celebration Event

Brahm Ahmadi, 05/05/2016 19:50:33

PCM Celebration Event Flyer

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A Grocery Store In West Oakland’s Food Desert Finally Finds A Home

Brahm Ahmadi, 03/29/2016 14:19:21

How about a new synonym for the word “persistence”: Brahm Ahmadi? …

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People’s Community Market Will Bring Fresh Food to West Oakland

Brahm Ahmadi, 03/28/2016 14:03:26

It’s been a long journey for People’s Community Market and its founder Brahm Ahmadi. Over the span of almost a decade, the community organizer has been working toward opening a fresh food market in West Oakland, in a neighborhood almost completely bereft of healthy food options for its residents. Now, with the recent purchase of its future space, the market is closer to becoming fully realized. …

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People’s Community Market finally secures West Oakland location

Brahm Ahmadi, 03/23/2016 14:14:35

For over a decade, Brahm Ahmadi of the People’s Community Market has been attempting to create an oasis in West Oakland’s food desert, which according to Ahmadi has not had a full service grocery store since 2006. …

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Dismantling Food Deserts in an Age of Speculation: People’s Community Market Purchases Site for West Oakland Grocery Store

Brahm Ahmadi, 03/22/2016 14:16:35

Back in the fall of 2012, food activist Brahm Ahmadi stood in front of a packed room in East Oakland’s warehouse district and made a simple pitch: Would the assorted local business owners and community organizer types who had gathered consider investing in People’s Community Market, the ambitious full-service grocery store that Ahmadi wanted to open in West Oakland? Would they do their part to bring healthy food to one of the city’s most notorious food deserts, where the primary shopping option is the corner liquor store? …

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Angel Investor Aids Quest to Build New West Oakland Grocery

Brahm Ahmadi, 03/22/2016 14:06:10

West Oakland is one step closer to getting its first full-service grocery store in a decade. …

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We Have a Location!

Brahm Ahmadi, 03/21/2016 20:41:09

We have secured a location on San Pablo Avenue in West Oakland for our full-service food market and social hall. This is a major milestone and a significant accomplishment in the overpriced and competitive real estate market of the Bay Area. It took our team – which included community development experts, real estate brokers, attorneys, and financial advisors – two years to secure a site, with the last six months involving significant negotiations, due diligence and site assessment on the two sites that we’ve secured. …

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January 2015 Shareholder Update

Brahm Ahmadi, 02/04/2015 18:39:09

Why You Haven’t Heard From Us …

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New article in Forbes

Brahm Ahmadi, 08/11/2014 19:16:45

A new article came out on Saturday 8/9/14 in Forbes.com about our project. Entitled Eye On The Prize: Addressing A Food Desert in Oakland, the article discusses the origins of our project, our past challenges raising capital from conventional sources, our success raising capital from public and community investors and some key ideas behind our plan for a full-service grocery store in West Oakland. …

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First Annual Shareholder Report

Brahm Ahmadi, 06/11/2014 12:38:12

We’re pleased to announce the first annual report for People’s Community Market. This report details and celebrates our milestones in 2013, including our success in rallying hundreds of Oakland and Bay Area residents to join us as Founding Shareholders and to collectively invest nearly $1.2M in start up capital.WOaklandchildren

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