Departments and Services

No matter the department or the product, our commitment is to carry diverse, high-quality and affordable choices that meet your needs.


We offer a diverse selection of produce including conventional, organic, local, seasonal and ethnic items. We also carry products that make cooking easier such as salad kits, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, ready-to-cook side dishes, and meal assembly packs containing sauces and/or spices.

Meat and Seafood

Our Meat and Seafood Department is all about quality and personalized service. We offer a combination of self-serve packaged products for those who are on the go and a full-service counter for those who want to order a customer cut from a knowledgeable and friendly staff person. We carry a curated selection of beef, pork, poultry, lamb and sausages and are happy to make any cut you want. Our compact seafood case offers top-selling wild and farmed fish, crustaceans and shellfish. Our fish selections are filleted on-site whenever possible to ensure maximum freshness. We also offer marinated, stuffed and encrusted items to reduce your cook time at home or add a delightful new flavor to your meal.

Front Porch Café

The Front Porch Café caters to what many people in the neighborhood have asked us for: a clean and warm-feeling eating destination in their own neighborhood where they can gather, have great experiences, be entertained and build community.


Our full-service deli features a 16-foot deli case, a sandwich prep station and a chicken rotisserie. You can order fresh-daily salads and side dishes, as well as ready-made meats and vegetables to add to your own meals at home. We offer signature sandwiches and wraps, as well as made-to-order sandwiches just how you want them. Our assortment of sliced-to-order deli meats, charcuterie and cheeses is sure to satisfy your experience at our deli counter. And you can choose a whole, half or just parts of our in-house hot rotisserie chickens.

Grab & Go

Located directly across from the deli, our Grab & Go offers packed, ready-to-go prepared foods including deli salads, signature salads, entrees, side dishes, budget-friendly meal combinations, and fresh cut snack combinations. And located next to our Grab & Go is a self-serve hot soup bar offering three fresh-made hot soups.

Meal Deal Station COMING SOON

The Meal Deal Station is your one stop spot to make dinner delicious, nutritious, easy and affordable. Every 2-3 days we feature an easy to make recipe that includes seasonal ingredients. All of the ingredients you need to make the featured recipe are displayed at the Meal Deal Station so you can get it all in one spot. We also provide a handout with ingredients list, recipe and nutritional information.

Dairy and Non-Dairy

Our 9-door dairy case has just about every kind of dairy product you're looking for: cheese, milk, yogurt, butter, eggs, sour cream, creamer, buttermilk, dips, and dairy beverages. And two of our cooler doors are dedicated to non-dairy products for anyone who is vegan, lactose-intolerant or just enjoys having non-diary choices.

Grocery & Supply

We make sure that you have the convenience of being able to pick up essential pantry items and household necessities. In our compact aisles you'll find everything from packaged grains and pastas to canned vegetables and soups to breads and baked goods to personal care and home products. We carry familiar national brands, regional and ethnic brands, value brands and leading brands in organic and natural products. We also strive to feature products made by local businesses and artisans.

Wall of Values

The Wall of Values is where you can find bargains and special promotions in bulk. Stock up and save on staples and household items. The deals we offer at the Wall of Values is always changing. So come back in to see what's on special this week.


We are considering what services to provide to our community. Current ideas include money wiring, Amazon Lockers, a DMV self-service terminal, and a post office self-service kiosk. Please email us at and let us know what services you want to see offered at Community Foods Market.

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